Saturday, 11 February 2017

Happy Chinese New Year

Guònián hǎo! Happy New Year.

On Thursday a parent gave Mrs Turner a Lion costume to bring to school.

We talked about the Chinese New Year and how people celebrate it.

We learnt that people give gifts of money in red envelopes. The red envelope is for good luck.
We learnt that lanterns are lit and displayed.
We learnt that people do a Lion Dance and the lion follows a gold ball. This is to scare away the evil spirits and bad luck for the year.
Then we had a look at a Lion Dance and listened to the music.

We took turns to try on the Lion costume and do our own Lion Dance to the music.
It was lots of fun.

Then we made Lanterns in the classroom. 

We were very clever as it was a bit tricky to cut up to nearly the top of the lantern and then fold it over and staple on the handles. 

But we were patient and we succeeded.

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  1. Good work on making the lanterns Rm 10. You must have put a lot of effort in them.