Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mrs Wishy Washy

Last week our big book was called 'Mrs Wishy Washy's Tub by Joy Cowley
Room 10 really enjoyed this book.

We choose our own animal that went for a wash in Mrs Wishy Washy's Tub and wrote about it for story writing on Wednesday.
On Thursday we drew our animals and sponged them with paint.

On Friday Mrs Wishy Washy came to school. She put all the Room 10 animals in the tub and gave them a wash. It was lots of fun pretending to be the animals in the tub.
Then Mrs Washy had to go home as she had lots of animals waiting to be washed at home.
So Tommie decided to dress up as Mrs Wishy Washy and wash all the dirty clothes in Room 10.

Wishy washy, Wishy washy, Wishy washy.


  1. Hello Room 10.
    I love Mrs Wishy Washy stories. You have done a great job role playing the story and making a wonderful wall story. I look forward to coming in and visiting and reading the wall story with you!
    Mrs Driver

  2. Wow Room 10, you did an awesome job recreating Mrs Wishy-Washy, it was great that you washed all the animals and well done Tommie for dressing up and washing all the dirty clothes, I bet you are a great help at home.
    Kylee (Jordan's Mum)

  3. You had such a fantastic time while you were doing amazing learning! Well done Room 10. I loved watching you washing all of the dolls clothes from the playhouse. Can you do my washing from home please?
    From Mrs Burge