Thursday, 26 October 2017

Our Huggles Writing

We have been writing about a kind monster called Huggles. 

Here are the descriptions we wrote about Huggles. They are up on display in Room 10. 
Come in and have a look if you have a minute.
Huggles is a kind monster because he likes to give hugs!

When Huggles is happy, his belly button turns yellow!

When Huggles is sad, his belly button turns blue!

 Huggles goes to school with the children.

He loves to make people happy.

 Huggles uses kind words to his friends.

Huggles helps people.

 He has lots of fun with his friends.

Huggles makes people feel happy.

Huggles is good at sharing and caring for others. 

Huggles can come into Room 10 any time!


  1. Alex loves Huggles’ stories

  2. I have learnt so much about huggles!
    You all described him very well! I feel like I already know Huggles! All your pictures look just like him!

  3. Susan (Chloe’s mum)7 November 2017 at 00:22

    Nice work from Room 10! But I couldn’t see one from Chloe, did she work on this project?