Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Howick Historical Village Trip

We had a fantastic day at the Howick Historical Village Trip

We learned about how technology has changed from 170 years ago to now.

We washed clothes in a tin bath, used a washboard, a dolly stick, a mangle and then we hung the washing on the line with wooden pegs. 

We used irons that had to be heated on a fire to make them hot!

We whisked milk until it turned into butter.

We learned about what people had to pack in their trunk when they emigrated to New Zealand 170 years ago. 

Jordan had a shave!

Abigail emptied the 'Guzunda' - the night time toilet bowl - called a 'Guzunda' as it goes under the bed!

Carlos wore the mans nightdress!

What a fantastic trip!!!


  1. Looks amazing Room 10!

  2. What an amazing day we had Room 10, wasn't it great to see how they lived in the 1800's! I am glad we now have electricity and we don't need to do so many jobs, like getting the water from the well, hand washing and making our own butter.
    Kylee (Jordans mum)

  3. It was great fun. We will definitely go back again on “live day”

  4. Susan (Chloe’s mum)7 November 2017 at 00:29

    What a great learning experience for kids!

  5. Wow room 10 that looks like hard work washing by hand and getting water from the well isn't lovely having electricity today great job!